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Cristina Ribeiro - Creative Director and Producer
Cristina Ribeiro

Cristina Ribeiro

+ Executive Producer, Moda-Couture
+ Artistic Director and Executive Producer, Members of Mélange
+ Executive Producer, Miss Brasil USA and Miss Queen Of Americas - San Francisco
+ Artistic Director, Be That Kid Productions
+ Artistic Director / Garota Arnold Classic Brazil
+ Creative Director of many numerous boutique fashion shows across the SF Bay Area and abroad.

Cristina's experience with creation, directing and production is outstanding. She is a diplomat of modeling and a dance coach who is focused on teaching life skills through fashion shows, dance and other performing arts and events. An expert in the entertainment business, drama, commercial modeling, production, film, television, and education, Cristina's passionate spirit and professional dedication is contagious and she makes every production a great success.

Cristina has worked with many celebrities including Mick Jagger, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Nicole Kidman, and Clive Owen, and statesmen Arnold Schwarzenegger (2013 Arnold Classic), Henry Kissinger, Nelson Mandela. She has experience with Broadway musicals and was featured in Vogue Magazine (Brazil) and Elle Magazine (Brazil). She was also Artistic Director and Executive Producer of the Christmas Rhythm and Bossa music CD, working with five-time Grammy Award winner Phil Woods.

She has had commercial modeling contracts with many large corporations including Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Tupperware, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dove.

Cristina has received five awards as The Best Afro-Brazilian Dancer, Rio Brazil, holding the title from 1976 till 1994, and The Model of the Year by Area (Brazil) in 1987, Best Kids Productions in 2010, The Mentor of the Year by Mélange Productions in 2011, and Best Kids Show Producer from the San Jose City Council in 2012. She was nominated for the best Artistic Director in San Francisco in 2013.

Cristina has toured Europe and South America, where she diversified her passion for arts and fashion. Her broad experience, expertise, creativity and extraordinary organizational skills make her the perfect addition to Mélange Productions.

“Cristina Ribeiro has an upbeat, charming personality and she is a dream to work with. Her professionalism extends to every fine detail. She brings a new level of sophistication to your project.”

World-Class Dancer, Singer, Actress, Model, Producer and Director. Cristina Ribeiro.

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